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Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

What is a Commercial  Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

April 2008 saw the introduction of new regulations for Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (NDEPCs) in respect of commercial and industrial buildings. These are sometime also known as a Commercial EPC.

The effect is to treat these buildings in much the same way as electrical appliances, by assessing and showing the energy efficiency rating of the building as an 'Asset' on the same recognisable certificate.

This certificate informs potential buyers and tenants of the expected cost of supplying energy to occupy the building, relative to two benchmarks for this type of building: one appropriate for new buildings and one appropriate for typical existing buildings.

What else do you get with the NDEPC?
As part of the NDEPC process the energy assessor will also generate a report giving recommended modifications that could be made to improve the rating of the building complete with expected payback periods and the impact the improvement will make.

We can offer advice on these suggested improvements and on the renewable energy solutions recommended to attain a better energy rating including referrals to quality contractors capable of supplying the recommended products.

Examples of a certificate and associated reports are available at the bottom of this page.

DO you need a NDEPC?

If you are an owner, property manager or landlord of a commercial or industrial property we are interested in your energy performance.

The first thing you need to do is to visit the FAQ's section for more information on whether your circumstances require the provision of a NDEPC.

The regulations can be complex but we are here to help, if you are in any doubt about your situation call us, we'd be only too pleased to offer advice. If you do require a NDEPC, please read on.


How much will it cost?

The cost associated with the creation of a commercial EPC for commercial and industrial properties is difficult to quantify due to the nature of the construction, the complexity, size of the building and the potential complexity of the heating/cooling systems involved.

The analysis is completed using commercial software called SBEM which is significantly more complicated than it's domestic equivalent all of which means the price for the Non-Domestic EPC will be higher than the domestic counterpart.

The price will be greatly effected by the quantity and quality of the information provided to our Energy Assessor.
The more information you can provide, the lower the overall cost will be.

What information is required?

In order to provide the EPC and additional reports the energy assessor needs to have detailed information about; the fabric and construction of the building including the glazing and external doors; the building services including heating, ventilation, cooling and hot water systems; the lighting systems. Detailed, accurate, dimensioned floor plans are also required for the building.

If any of this information is not available we can carry out a survey of the property to obtain the data.

The Assessor also needs to review any available service manuals and any documentation relating to the energy performance of the building. In most cases our assessor will need a short visit to the property to confirm the accuracy of the information provided.

A 'Pre-start data collection-with plans' form is available to download below and lists in more detail all the information that will eventually be required for the SBEM calculation.

Our in house Commercial Energy Assessor has the capacity and expertise to meet all your energy performance requirements and all work done is to the highest quality and is fully auditable. He will be a single central point of contact and can provide a fast and responsive turnaround.


-Sample EPC.pdf
-Sample recommendation report.pdf
-Sample SBEM output.pdf
-Sample secondary recommendation report.pdf
-SBEM data input report.pdf
-Pre-Start Data Collection-with plans.pdf



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